How to lighten up your leather Chesterfield sofa for spring

How to lighten up your leather Chesterfield sofa for spring

The spring is finally here, and we all crave the fresh new look. Your dark leather Chesterfield couch has a commanding presence in the living room, and it is an excellent choice when in comes to the durability, longevity and ease of care. But this is the time of the year when you might fancy some change, so here are some tips on how to lighten up and freshen up the ambiance of your room.


  1. Use light coloured and bright throws.

Just placing the throw on the sofa and covering some part of the leather makes the sofa look brighter, creates a focal point and offsets the dark leather.

  1. Get some light coloured or patterned cushions.

You can’t go wrong with the cushions. In this case, forget about less is more and use as many cushions as you can get. They should cover most of the sofa and completely transform the look.

  1. Lighten up the surrounding areas.

Lightening up the surroundings can change the look and the feel of the dark leather Chesterfield. Here, you options are virtually endless. You can make the changes as big or as little as you like. Repaint the walls, change the rugs/drapery or other furniture pieces in the room. Most importantly, be creative, have fun, and we promise you that your Chesterfield will not let you down!

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