The Benefits of Fabric Versus Genuine Leather Sofas

The Benefits of Fabric Versus Genuine Leather Sofas

Sofa shopping is most definitely mind-boggling. There are a thousand different decisions to make in the mission for the ideal couch. Among them are: The design, Modern, Classic, Neo Classic, Moder Classic? The list goes on... Then there is the High or low back? Do we want Fixed cushion seats or removable ones? Exceptionally significant inquiries, as far as style and look go. However, the question we are asked more than any other has been: fabric sofa or leather sofa. Which is best?


Leather Chesterfield Sofa in a retro classic modern living room

General Considerations

As you may expect, there is no single right answer, as both fabric and leather couches have their drawbacks and advantages. There´s no one sofa or material that fits everyone´s need. What's more, rather than thinking which is the best, we always advise asking yourself what are the benefits of a particular material for your needs as a family, professional couple or a single person? For example, a family with very small children may consider managing stains is one of their top priorities.

There are a number of crucial topics to consider for anyone looking to purchase a new sofa. These are longevity, which depends on the workmanship and the quality of parts and material that goes into a sofa. Care, how much looking after does the material need in order to retain its vibrancy for years to come. The visual aspect, whether it is the design or the mood you are trying to create in your space. Comfort, an essential aspect of any sofa that will be used day in day out. Finally the cost, this is a tricky one since many would like to have all the best attributes above at the lowest possible price. However, in most instances, quality and cost go hand in hand.

A sofa is probably something you would spend more time with during the day than you do with your own partner! Or at least you would if it was a comfy sofa. You know, the one that you just don´t ever want to get out of. The sofa that makes you yell to someone in the other room so they hand over the remote control that's sitting just a stretch away from you.

So don´t take the decision of finding a good sofa too lightly, or you may come to regret it. Since this is going to be your and your family´s partner for years to come, you need to choose carefully based on your family´s needs and habits. You may already have purchased a sofa that disintegrated in front of your very eyes within a year or two, and now you are doing your research. Or you may be lucky enough to have stumbled upon this article just as you were looking for your new sofa. Either way, time is of the essence. Never rush, or be pushed into buying a sofa before you are entirely satisfied it is the perfect fit for your home.


The Benefits of Fabric Sofas

Remember that there are a lot of choices when it comes to fabric. Far higher than leather. Because not only there are different types of fabrics such as Velvet, Cotton, Wool, Linen, etc. There are also endless colours and patterns.


We cannot generalise all fabric sofas since there are so many varieties of fabrics and a number of different seating support, sofa frames and many other factors that come into effect. Nonetheless, fabric sofas tend to be more comfortable and homely than leather sofas. As a material, fabric feels warmer than leather, therefore you don´t get that cold feel in the winters or the stickiness in the summers. Anyone with a full leather car seat would know the feeling. Then there is the softness that comes with the majority of fabrics, which feels just right from the first time you sit on it. On the other hand, some leather sofas need to be “broken in” so it may take a while for them to feel the way they should when you first try them.


Since fabric doesn't get scratched as easily as leather, it may be the ideal material for a home with pets. This is only true in the case of high-quality fabrics that can withstand regular wear & tear better. The majority of fabrics are treated with a highly effective stain-resistant compound which makes cleaning after spills and marks much easier. Although not as effective as leather, it is still possible to wipe away stains to a certain degree.

Fabric options

As we all know, leather comes in a variety of colours and even some that are hand finished for an antique look. But that is nothing compared to the sheer number of endless choices you find with fabrics, their textures, patterns and colours. It is far more likely to colour match your new sofa with your home using fabric. It gives you the possibility to really stamp your style and choose something bright and fun to grab attention or something calming and neutral to blend in with your design. The choice is endless and the only difficulty may come down to too much choice. When there is so many options, we tend to get more confused than ever. So when it comes to choosing fabric, have a clear idea and stick to it, otherwise, you will find yourself forever changing your mind about the shade, material, patterns and so on.


Usually, you can get more value for your money when purchasing a fabric sofa. Please bear in mind that high-quality fabric combined with a very well made sofa would still be priced accordingly. However, when compared to high-quality leather sofas of the same standard, the leather would cost more. There are some fabrics, such as very fine wool, that would cost the same or more than leather.

The Benefits of Leather Sofas

If you are more inclined toward a leather sofa, you're most likely attracted by the look and feel of leather and its perceived long life span. Perhaps you are taking into consideration the cleanliness that comes with having a leather sofa. Things can easily be wiped away. Pet hair would not be embedded into the fibres, as they do on some fabric sofas. All in all, a much easier sofa to keep clean. You may also appreciate the natural ageing of leather, although the leather has to be of a certain quality to age very well. We would never recommend any synthetic leather since their durability is inadequate and they do not age naturally, they just peel off to leave an unsightly...

Kinder on allergies

The very thought of dust mites and pet allergens is often enough to put any allergy sufferer off fabric sofas. This is due to the fact that leather doesn’t provide the kind of thriving environment for them that fabric does. Hence, if you or any member of your family suffer from such allergies, your choice of material should be genuine leather.


Let’s face it, us humans are show-offs by nature. Appearance is everything and we strive to get the best we can. That’s where a high-quality artisan leather sofa cannot be beaten. It oozes class and creates elegance like no other. A fine example of such a sofa would be the ever-popular Chesterfield style, whether in its 300 year old style, or with a modern twist. It is a trendsetter with a classic look that can easily fit in a modern setting. If you tend to lean more towards a contemporary neo classic modern look, then leather sofas provide that exclusive top-end feel much more than fabric sofas do.


Cleaning leather is a doddle. Think of your leather shoes. Just a little wipe once in a while and it looks brand new. 
If cared for properly, leather will last for decades. Furthermore, it can be a great pleasure caring for leather. With specialist leather balms, set of cloths and brushes it almost feels like artwork. Relaxing and rewarding at the same time, and if done once a year, it prevents cracks in the skin so you can rest assured the leather will last for decades to come.

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