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Our mission is to offer fine furniture at affordable prices by cutting out the middlemen and avoiding costs such as showrooms, sales staff (and their commissions), rent, warehousing and many other costs that companies with showrooms add to the price of a sofa.


How can I buy a sofa without testing it? We understand comfort is subjective. We have been asked that question many times. The answer is that there are really only a handful of seat filling options any producer offers and after decades of experience in the industry, as a company we know which seat fillings are the best. For example 99% of our customers find two of our seat fillings the most comfy they have ever tried. Read THIS PAGE regarding the seat filling options we offer. Our business model would not work if we were constantly shipping out uncomfortable sofas to customers who would then be returning them for a refund.


Fact! Showroom prices can be inflated by up to 40% or more to account for all the costs associated with running a showroom. Next time you walk into a showroom just remember, you are paying for the rent of their massive retail space. You are paying for the nice man or woman who is helping you, and also paying for their commission should you decide to buy. You are paying for the storage of the sofas in the warehouse behind the showroom. You are paying for the entire operation of that showroom, not just the sofa.


In the worst case scenario, the price of a sofa may have only been slightly inflated in a showroom and the costs are saved by building to a lower standard using cheaper parts and materials that you will never see, since the reside inside your sofa. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you are buying from a showroom you are either paying well over the price tag for a quality sofa, or you are paying a good price for an inferior quality sofa. Someone has to pay for all the showroom costs, and that person is always the customer.


I am still not convinced. We totally understand purchasing something as important as a sofa is a very big decision and one that some people would never be able to make. So we are not here to convince you. We are giving you facts and you should always go with your own gut instinct. If you don't feel comfortable buying a sofa online without seeing it in person, then you should not do so. Because no matter how good that sofa turns out to be, you will always be thinking there was something wrong. We always tell our potential customers that we understand this is not for everyone. So please don't purchase from us if you are not 100% confident about doing so.



leather chesterfield sofa in a grand hotel lobby


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