Our Workshop

our workshop


Our skilled craftsmen and women hold themselves to a high standard because they are proud of what they produce. We see each and every piece of furniture we produce as a work of art and we build them to last for decades, not years

Our team have a combined experience of over 30 years building fine sofas for a select clientele who appreciate quality and refinement above all else. Furniture should be more than just something to fill your house with. We strive to break with tradition by refusing to build bland universal furniture aimed at the masses, and we aim to build unique pieces to please your very own personal taste.

Can you think of a time when you had exactly the sofa you wanted without paying extortionate prices? We believe in providing you value for money, therefore every piece is meticulously crafted by experienced craftsmen.

We use only the finest materials available, working closely with a few carefully selected suppliers with a proven track record. This is the only way we can ensure each and every sofa we build passes our high standards. 


half finished sofa in our workshop

sofa being made in our workshop

sofa being made by hand at our workshop

our workshop