Seat Filling

Type 1 - High density foam topped with goose down feather

Type 1 - The best of both worlds. Feather top layer for superior comfort and firm foam so there is sagging.

We only recommend this seat filling if you are familiar with the amount of work that goes into looking after a feather filled seat. They need to be constantly plumped up and the feathers will need to be refilled in the future. You can get the same level of comfort from Type 2 below.

This filling, and the Type 2 cushions, are the comfiest seats we have ever built. You get the best of both worlds. The top layer of goose down feathers (or fibre in type 2) ensures superior comfort, while the high density firm foam below stops the seat from sagging or sinking in. This would be a medium seat, not so firm that it feels like sitting on a bench, and not so soft that you sink in and can't get up.

These cushion seats feature a Velcro bottom so they stick to the sofa. No chance of them slipping out of place (same as type 2).


Type 2 - High density foam topped with fibre

Type 2 - Same set up as Type 1 but with fibre instead of feather. Feather seats need looking after and refilling.

Our Recommendation - If you would like all the comfort of Type 1 minus the maintenance and refilling that comes with feather seats, this is the filling for you. Just as above, it is comfortable to sit on and you can be sure the seat won't sag. Also comes with the Velcro bottom to avoid the cushions slipping out of place.